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Services & Pricing

One-on-One Student Assistive Technology Coaching (In-Person/ ONLINE)
Our programs can address many types of learning difficulties associated with executive functions (organizational skills and memory), reading, writing, and mathematics.  As the student’s needs change, so too can the program focus and tools.

**Parent sessions may be arranged as well.

Assistive Technology Training for Professionals

GotSmartz offers customized assistive technology training for specialists such as psychologists, occupational therapists and managers in human resources who require more information on assistive technology options for their clients. Training can be conducted in person or virtually to individuals or groups of employees.

Assistive Technology for English Language Learners

GotSmartz has developed an innovative assistive technology program as unique as the ELLs. Using assistive technology tools and personalized learning strategies students learn their grade-level curriculum as they develop proficiency in English. We have observed that making these literacy tools and school curricula available to ELL students anywhere, anytime enables ELL students to become independent learners, boost confidence, become more efficient and reach their academic goals faster. 

 Private School Assistive Technology Program

We’ll perform a needs assessment to determine which subjects and tools are best suited for your staff and or students.  Then, we’ll design a custom program for your organization that includes professional development training, and one-to-one coaching sessions integrating assistive technology into your unique school environment.

Workplace Assistive Technology Program  

At GotSmartz, we are working with employers to help employees overcome disabilities by introducing them to innovative assistive technology tools to assist with accomplishing daily tasks associated with their work. We’ll perform a needs assessment to determine which tools are best suited for your employee's unique work environment.  Then, we’ll design a custom program for your organization that may include professional development training, and one-to-one coaching sessions integrating assistive technology into the workplace.​​

"My knowledge of technology through Kelly’s coaching has immensely improved my self-confidence and self-esteem. I feel very lucky to have been in contact with such an able and effective teacher. Being in a return-to-work program myself I recommend Kelly as a very qualified person to assist others in acquiring the work skills and self-confidence to make a successful transition."  M. Martin - Return to Work Program

Product/ Program Testing

GotSmartz supports businesses in product/ program development. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your company in entering the assistive technology market.


Parent Intake Virtual  - 1 hour  (required for all students - $140)

OPTION 1 for Students In-Person - 1 hour


OPTION 2 Virtual Training - 30 minutes