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Services & Pricing

One-on-One Student Assistive Technology Coaching (ONLINE)

Our programs can address many types of learning difficulties associated with executive functions (organizational skills and memory), reading, writing, and mathematics.  As the student’s needs change, so too can the program focus and tools.

**Parent sessions may be arranged as well.

Reading Support (ONLINE)

GotSmartz successfully uses a highly acclaimed research/ evidence-based reading program based on the Science of Reading methodology (UFLI). UFLI is an explicit and systematic phonics program that helps students build their fundamental reading skills for success in school and in life.

Writing Support (ONLINE)

GotSmartz teaches students foundational writing skills using the hands-on, explicit, systematic writing program called  "Framing Your Thoughts". GotSmartz integrates assistive technology tools personalized to individual learning needs. OUr objective is for students to become independent learners, boost their confidence, become more efficient and reach their academic goals faster. 

 Private School Assistive Technology Program (ONLINE)

We’ll perform a needs assessment to determine which subjects and tools are best suited for your staff and or students.  Then, we’ll design a custom program for your organization that includes professional development training, and one-to-one coaching sessions integrating assistive technology into your unique school environment.

Studying and Organization Support (ONLINE)

GotSmartz has developed a studying program for students based on the most up to date cognitive psychology research. Students are taught how to "Make it Stick" using the best study habits and practice routines for their learning profile. Leveraging learning strategies and personalized assistive technology tools build their confidence and work towards achieving their personal goals.​​


Parent Intake Virtual (mandatory) - 1 hour  (required for all students - $140)


- 1-hour of tutoring


- 30 minutes of tutoring

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