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Where did the inspiration for GotSmartz come from? 

As a sixth grader watching the first computer rolled into my classroom, I knew then that this technology was my future. 

I have worked as a teacher and an education technology consultant for over twenty years.  Designing and implementing innovative programs for school boards, corporations, government departments and non-profit organizations, I have witnessed firsthand the positive experience that assistive technology offers struggling learners of all ages.


Many organizations struggle to meet the needs of their students and clients who are challenged by learning difficulties.  Too often these organizations lack the time, resources, or knowledge to open the window of learning opportunities offered by assistive technologies. This is what inspired me to launch GotSmartz.


At GotSmartz, we enable learners to adopt the skills and mindsets necessary to realize their true potential, overcome challenges and persevere.  Whether you are a student working to overcome a unique disability or a group of people who share a common learning challenge, we look forward to working with you on an exciting and successful learning future!




Kelly is also a co-founder and ongoing contributor of the award-winning non-profit organization, iSisters.